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Rebekah S. Benner

Grief Recovery Specialist

Pastoral Care Chaplain

Home-Based Funeral Consultant

Death Midwife


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 A Brief History

On these pages you will find the information about some of  the workshops I am offering at the present time, and some for the future.  If you don't see it now, information will come soon! 

 Terra Amma Grove

Close to twenty years ago someone put a drum in my hands, and the warm and gentle beat of the Earth came into my heart as a song flowed into my Spirit. For the next six years I listened and learned as I led a monthly drum circle at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Akron, Ohio. Somehow I managed to be a faciilitator of a Small Group Ministry group, chair a monthly coffee house and host a monthly women's circle, the Womyn of Terra at the same time.

This was the original Terra Amma Drum & Design. As I moved further into Pastoral Care and Spiritual Guidance, it became Terra Amma Grove - The Healing Journey.

Now, as Terra Amma Spiritual Center, I still teach classes in  crafts of the Spirit - using "leathers, feathers, stones and bones", African Drum - specializing in the djembe, and travel Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana...Canada and Ireland, leading community drum circles and women's retreats and leading services for the Unitarian Universalist Churches of the U.S. and the Unitarian Churches of Ontario, Canada.

The Healing Journey Continues...

Terra Amma Spiritual Center....and....

Home-Based Family Funeral Consultant

Giving people an option to take care of their end-of-life needs with dignity, peace and love...reclaiming the traditional at-home funeral.  My website for these services may be found on                                

I will be available for in-home consultation in guiding the family through natural preparation of the deceased, blessing rites if wanted,  for a gathering of honor, vigil, memorial service and on through cremation or burial.

Brightest Blessings!

Rev. Rebekah Benner